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10 stk Soft-Tampons Dry.

Alternativ til feks. Tampax under menstruation 
til brug under samleje, sport osv.




Her følger engelsk beskrivelse:

Original Soft-Tampons - developed for an hygienic intercourse during
the menstruation.

  • re not perceptible for the partners during the intercourse
  • wear comfortable and pleasant
  • ideal for the transportation
    of contraceptives
  • tolerability clinically and dermatological tested
  • individual sterile packaging
  • high assimilation ability
    (absorbing capacity)
  • environment-friendly sterile Sponge-
    material without chemical substances
    to preclude inner irritations

An optimum of security at the critical days - fields of application
The Original Soft-Tampons are the result of a systematic and constant research and thus represents the latest developments in gynaecology for a pleasant and hygienic intercourse during the menstruation. The Original Soft-Tampons are not perceptible for the partners during the sexual act and are highly suitable as an aid medium for the transportation of contraceptives in form of e.g. crèmes. In addition the Original Soft-Tampons are ideal to wear in the sauna, at sports and all other activities.

Hygienic maximum - from natural sponges to Soft-Tampons
Natural sponges which women have used during their menstruation already many hundred years ago had been our model at the development. Some women still use them today, although the natural sponges are not adequate to hygienic demands and therefore could cause serious infections in the females' genital area.
Hygienic security is the top priority during the production of the Original Soft-Tampons, that is the reason for the individual (and therefore sterile) packaging, too. Dermatological and clinically studies give evidence about the outstanding skin compatibility of the Original Soft-Tampons.

Comfortable wear - the "technical" data
The Original Soft-Tampons are made of an innovative toxinfree and environment-friendly sponge-material and contain no chemical substances at all, through which inner irritations can be preclude.

The Original Soft-Tampons wear comfortable and pleasant. They excel by their softly and affectionately sponge-material as well as through their low net weight of two grammes.
The liquid assimilation ability (absorbing capacity) of the Original Soft-Tampons is in spite of their low weight higher-than-average.
Soft-Tampons Instructions


  1. Before inserting or removing an Original Soft-Tampon always wash your hands.
  2. Pull the special paper from the foil and take out the sterile tampon.
  3. To ease insertion we recommend spreading some medical lubricant, e.g. the Original AQUAglide, on the Tampon or moistening it with clean water - then squeeze it out in order to maximise liquid absorbency.
  4. The simplest way to insert the tampon is to raise one leg (e.g. using a chair) or to sit with legs apart.
  5. Place your index finger on one flat side of the tampon, hold the sides of the tampon between the thumb and middle finger, and press it together. With the other hand open the labia and use your index finger to push the tampon in the vagina until the other flat side of the tampon touches the uterus.

Length of usage:
Change the tampon (as you would any other tampon) at regular intervals. The length of the usage of the tampon should be adapted to the heaviness of your period. During the first two days of the menstruation you may need to change the tampon more frequently (perhaps every 3 to 5 hours). During the last days the time can be extended to between 5 and maximum 7 hours. We recommend changing every 4 to 6 hours. Following sexual intercourse without a condom you should change the Original Soft-tampon immediately .

Original Soft-Tampons have no retrieval string because this would
interfere during intercourse.
The tampon can be easily removed using your index and middle
finger as tweezers or alternative thumb and index finger. If you
should be faced with difficulties, then we recommend that you try
again in the squat position (because the depth of the vagina will
shorten then from 7 or 8 cm to about 4,5 cm). While creating a
light pressure in the lower abdomen, the tampon will go towards
your fingers.
Important: On principle - should you be confronted with the unlikely
situation that you are not able to remove the tampon you have to
consult your gynaecologist. Please remember that when your period
has finished you have to remove the last Original Soft-Tampon!

Never use the Soft-Tampons more than one time, because the optimal effect will only be achieved at single use and moreover the multiple use can cause infections.

Get rid of the tampon in the household waste. The foil in the yellow bag! Special paper and box in the waste paper!

skum tamponer uden snor
til brug under samleje, sport osv.

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Soft-Tampons er simpelthen en åbenbaring, hvis man som jeg ikke fungerer med traditionelle tamponer....

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